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The Return "Heathcliff" Campaign


The Home Video Campaign | What's Heathcliff? | Updates | September 11th...:(

6/01: "The Return 'Heathcliff' Campagin" is established.

7/7/01: I have just learned that the Cartoon Network is airing "Dennis the Menace," another DIC cartoon from the 80's that used to air on FFC. You know what this means? This means that CN is also a worthy candiate to air "Heathcliff." Heck, they can also air "Inspector Gadget." So, as of today, CN also recieves letters being asked to air "Heathcliff."

7/25/01: I have recently started a campaign to get "Heathcliff" on home video from Kid Rhino, who also released "GI Joe," "Transformers" and "Jem" on video recently. Hope you like.

10/19/01: Added a "What's Heathcliff?" page, an update page, a coming soon page and a regard to the victims of the September 11th attacks.

10/30/02: Hello, again. Sorry about the lack of updates in, like, a year. I was really busy and had almost no time to make any updates. I added a link to a band's site where they perform the theme in MP3. Also, I removed the address for DIC, as they might not have the rights to "Heathcliff" as I thought they would (I checked their website,, and found nothing). However, if anyone out there knows who DOES own the rights, please tell me, otherwise, we will have a hard time getting the cats back to TV.

2/18/03: Removed the dated theme song link. If anyone here could e-mail me a link to a site about Heathcliff, that would be so kind.